Swen Nater

Rebounding to Success
John Wooden's Research and Development System:
The Key to His Success
"Play Post Like the Pros" Getting Open, Scoring, Rebounding


“Always be good to your mom.’ I enjoyed how he told his story from the beginning to end.It made him more relatable of why he is the way he is and how much rebounding was important to him.Not only will his comments help in my field of work but also in life.‘There is no substitution for hard work.’”

-Stephanie Buckingham,


“Swen Nater was an excellent speaker and his presentation was inspiring! His life story was motivational, and the connection he made with the effort to get rebounds and his life was, I thought, a great metaphor.” 

- Connor Imel

About Swen:

Swen Nater is a two-time UCLA basketball champion, a twelve-year NBA/ABA and All-Star player, a rebounding champion and record holder, a college championship coach, and a nominee for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. His tenure at UCLA under the direction of John Wooden, led him to co-write You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned, a comprehensive study of Wooden’s teaching, relationship, and continuous improvement methods, which he believes is the three-component package responsible for UCLA’s sustained success at the championship level.


Swen is the only player in basketball history to not have started a college game and yet be a first-round NBA draft choice. He is the only player in history to lead the NBA and ABA in rebounding. Swen is a member of the "30/30 Club" scoring at least 30 points and grabbing at least 30 rebounds in the same NBA game. He holds the California Community College Record for rebounds in one game at 39. He is fifth, all time, in rebounding per minute played.