“I enjoyed the presentation as there are several things in the background of the Rio Olympics that we did not know as we only see what’s provided by the media.”

-Yen Tong Chin

Lessons from the Rio 2016 Olympics

Simon Licen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator

Sport Management

Washington State University

About Dr. Licen:

Dr. Simon Licen is an assistant professor and program coordinator in the Sport Management program at Washington State University. His primary research interests revolve around communication and sport, especially in international contexts.


Since 2015, he has been a visiting lecturer at Beijing Sport University in China. Prior to joining Washington State University in 2013, he worked at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Communication and Sport (2012-2016) and of the UNESCO Slovenian National Commission (2010-2014).


Dr. Licen’s professional experience includes roles in mass media, an appointment as the Director of Media and Communication of a WTA Tour (women’s professional tennis) event, and involvement in the organization of major events including the Ljubljana Marathon and the U20 European Basketball Championship for Men in 2007. In 2016, he visited the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


-Bio and Photo courtesy of WSU Sport Management

Three Lessons to Learn from Mega Events

  1. Event planning and management should include sustainability. It is the right and responsible thing to do. It also generates “good PR.”

  2. Mind the details. Attention to details is what makes an event great.

  3. Technology and progress are causing jobs to change—and sometimes even multiply—rather than disappear. 

"Chances are the job you will be working in ten years has not been invented yet. Yes, network and acquire professional experience, but more importantly, learn your course materials and read everything you can get your hands on; master the fundamentals."


- Simon Licen