“I recently got into mountain biking but had no idea about the ban on bikes in the wilderness.It was really interesting to learn more about this topic as well as hearing someone speak about it who is clearly passionate about the topic.”

- Stephanie Peters

“He showed a lot of very interesting points against blanket policies by showing the pros of mountain bikers.”

-Caleb Fisbeck

“I liked how he used his own personal experiences.  I enjoyed hearing about why mountain bikes are sometimes banned.  I thought it was fun hearing about his adventures.”  -Marissa Louder

Wilderness Ethic & the Mountain Bike Challenge

Brian Sather, Ph.D.

Professor, Physical Activity and Health

Eastern Oregon University

About Dr. Sather:

Brian Sather is professor of Physical Activity & Health at Eastern Oregon University. He specializes in sport and recreation management as well as sport history and philosophy.


Over the last decade he has specialized in recreation access in Northeast Oregon as part of the trail features project. He is well-practiced in several modes of backcountry travel in both winter and summer.