Managing an Interscholastic Athletic Program

Rory Weishaar, Ed.D.

Associate Professor, Athletic Administration

Physical Education, School and Public Health

Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA


“I really learned a lot about Athletic Director, such as education, important things, challenging things, philosophy, communicating with student-athletes.”

Misun Won

Sport Administration


“This presentation was very informative on interscholastic program management.  I learned a lot about job outlook, expectations, and responsibilities in this field.”

Brody Astle

Sport Administration



About Rory:

In addition to coaching multiple interscholastic sports for sixteen years, Dr. Weishaar has eight years of experience as a middle school and high school athletic director, twelve years of experience as a middle school and high school principal, and during his last eight years as principal he supervised the athletic directors. 


He is currently Assistant Professor of Athletic Administration at Central Washington University (a graduate program), and he also teaches undergraduate courses for their coaching minor program.

Three Keys to Managing an Interscholastic Athletic Program

  1. Safety of athletes is always the #1 priority. 

  2. It's all about making positive connections with everyone. 

  3. Parents need give the sports away to their kids and offer positive support as loving spectators.

"Ultimately, athletes just want to look back on a season and say, - 'You know, I really had fun and learned a lot.' - "

- Rory Weishaar