"It is impressive how many outdoor activities he does and that he did not let cancer stop him from what he loves to do."

- Hannah Jenkins

"It was inspiring to listen to someone well-versed in different areas of life."

- Pam Hedrich

The T-Pot Experience

Tom Potter

Adventure Sport Enthusiast, Entrepreneur
Leavenworth, WA

About Tom:

Known for his enthusiastic approach to life and adventure sports, Tom has competed in whitewater kayaking competitions across the Pacific Northwest. In 2011, he co-founded Prime Form Management and in 2014 he joined the Jackson Kayak Whitewater Team. Also known as T-Pot, he is also currently involved in two projects, The Arbiter of Stoke and the T-Pot Experience.  In addtion to his entrepreneural interests, he also holds a master's degree in Athletic Administration from Central Washington University.  A survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma, Tom promotes and demonstrates living life to the fullest.


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