"I liked how she explained that moments of failure are those which we can start again and to things totally different."

- Ignacio Salom

"I could really relate to Ali's presentation and it was empowering to see how she bounced back."

- Natalie Campbell

Triumph From Tragedy: The Will to Survive

Ali McWeeny

Track & Field Throws Coach
PESHMS Physical Activity Instructor
Central Washington University

About Ali:

Ali McWeeny graduated from Central Washington University (CWU) in 2013 with a Minor in Coaching and Bachelors of Science in Physical Education and School Health (PESH). She taught Middle School Health, coached soccer and track & field throws events in Bellingham from 2013-14. In 2014 Ali returned to CWU to be a graduate teaching assistant in the PESH Department while completing a Masters in Health and Physical Education; achieved in 2016.


Ali coached track & field throws events at Ellensburg High School 2015-17 until accepting a position at CWU for coaching throws. Currently, Ali is teaching Physical Activity courses at CWU, coaching for CWU track, and is a public speaker and Champion for Ottobock. 


Ali was a competitive powerlifter, amateur strongman, and collegiate track & field thrower at CWU from 2006-2009 until she was in an accident that resulted in an above knee amputation on her left leg and reconstructive surgery on her right leg. Within 4 months after her accident, she returned to competitive powerlifting, college to pursue her degree, and began her coaching career in track & field. While completing her BS she volunteered to teach students with Autism and traveled to Guatemala for teaching.


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