“I like how he portrayed that he started in a similar situation to all of us as students, and how he has gone about getting to where he is. It was friendly and demonstrated the hard work it takes as well as the fun involved.”

Avery Hurst

Sport Administration


“Kyle was amazing to listen to. He has obviously showed that he has found his calling and is very passionate about his job! I would like to one day experience his job!”

Justin DeFord

Grangeville, ID




What to Expect When You Are Expecting to Work in Minor League Sports

Kyle Day

Assistant General Manager, Sponsorships

Spokane Indians Baseball Club

About Kyle:

Kyle grew up in Silverton, Oregon and later attended Oregon State University where he studied Exercise and Sports Science and graduated in 2009. Upon completion of his bachelor's degree, Kyle attended Gonzaga University and received his Masters in Sport and Athletic Administration in 2011. After spending time as an Intern for the Spokane Chiefs Hockey Club, Kyle started with the Indians in the spring of 2011 as a Promotions Coordinator.  In 2014, Kyle was promoted to Assistant GM – Sponsorships, a role he holds today. Kyle also has taught sports administration to undergraduates at Gonzaga.  He lives in Spokane with his wife Haley and their dog Crosby.


-Bio and Photo courtesy of the Spokane Indians Baseball Club

Three Keys to Seeking a Career in Professional Sport

  1. Minor League Baseball is a great place to start your career in sports.

  2. An entry level job in professional sports is typically a sales position.

  3. Hire for attitude, train for skill.

"The best advice I have to someone seeking a career in professional sports is to continue being a learner.  You don’t have to know everything when you start out in this industry, but you have to be willing to learn new skills and new ways to do things.  Show up early, and stay late.  The little things tend to get noticed in this industry.  Most of all, sports is supposed to be fun!  If you’re not having fun working in sports, then you’re in the wrong business"

- Kyle Day