“I really liked how much emphasis she put on being outgoing and willing to take risks.  If you’re not willing to change how are you going to change other people?”

Joel Meyer, Kinesiology


“I really enjoyed listening to Jessica because she is so full of energy and has so many points that are very valid in the professional world right now.  She used many modern examples that I could relate to.  She is very up to date with her topics, unlike a lot of ideas that have been overused.”

Kali Bowen, Business Management



The Importance of Professional Engagement

Jessica Shawley

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Moscow Middle Shool

Moscow, ID

About Jessica:

Jessica is a SHAPE America National Middle School Teacher of the Year and National Board Certified (NBCT) physical education teacher. She has an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Idaho and her undergraduate degree in Health & Fitness was earned while playing collegiate softball at Whitworth University. Jessica is also a nationally recognized educational speaker and professional development trainer in her field. She is well known for her high-energy workshops that are jam-packed with resources to support and inspire professionals.


She has served in several leadership capacities, including the Northwest District SHAPE America leadership council and on the SHAPE Idaho board for over 8 years in roles as President, Conference Manager, and District Representative. Jessica has been honored with the SHAPE America Mabel Lee Award and Northwest District Honor Award both recognizing her years of service and contributions to the profession.

Excelling in grant writing, Jessica helped secure over $1 million in funding for K-12 physical education in her district. Her school leadership roles include fostering school wellness and a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program through initiatives such as Fuel Up to Play 60 and Active Schools. Jessica is also a past youth sport coach and her hobbies include anything active that provides fun with friends and family...especially golfing and biking in the LC valley. 


You can connect with Jessica on Twitter @JessicaShawley

Three Keys to Professional Engagement

  1. "Grow where you are planted and grow without regret." Work hard. Really, work hard and enjoy being a hard worker. Enjoy your journey. Make every moment count. No matter what 'stage of life' you are in along your professional journey, dig in and enjoy it. 

  2. "Don't let failure define you. Let if refine you!" Live by a growth mindset. Accept challenges. Learn from your mistakes and learn from others. You are not the only expert in the room. Engage with others and learn from them. This refines you and makes you much wiser.

  3. "You get what you give." Give back. Support others. Build a tribe. It takes a village to succeed. One can not be successful on their own. 

"Your level of professional engagement is ‘the make it or brake it’ practice of developing and maintaining a successful career. Want to be successful? It starts now. It never ends. Connect. Grow. Give back. Participate in your profession!"


- Jessica Shawley