“I enjoyed the presentation and needed a boost in a positive direction. I hadn’t put a lot of thought into his ideas on faith and fear and it makes a great deal of sense to me in my personal life and career.” 

Shelley Barbee

 Sport Studies



“This presentation helps me realize that I will absolutely have to sacrifice some things in order to get to where I have to or want to be. I’m in complete control of my destiny and future. I have to have a true passion and embrace that passion.” 

Doug McDaniel



Passion Not Profit: Elevate Your Enthusiasm

Jeremy Arno

Motivational Speaker

Athletic Life Coaching

About Jeremy:

Jeremy Arno's motivating, encouraging and genuine style creates a positive non-judgemental environment that successfully captivates, nourishes and lifts your potential to a level of purpose on and off the court or field. He is a coach/ motivational speaker that specializing in his passions; life, sports, business and entertainment. He has a way of bringing the best out in...YOU!

Born and raised in rural Oregon, Jeremy quickly embraced the connection between life character and athletics. He was voted one of the top five basketball players in the state his high school senior year. The press and most fans really didn't see them making it to District. An overtime playoff game getting them into District where they beat out a 19-1 team and the first and second teams from there league clinched the District Title.
"The end of the season was about character, heart and the willingness to put the team first, says Jeremy. We made baskets, yes, but attitude was everything and that was something my mother taught me. This discipline I learned off the floor. This was my character and mindset at work here."

Jeremy has been quoted many times saying, "I'd rather be known for being a good person, working hard and doing my best than for how many wins I have." Turns out he figured out how to do both.

Jeremy went on to develop and present the number one motivational program in the United States public school system. He also returned to his hometown to coach the varsity boys to one of there first District Playoffs since his team had 15 yrs prior. Jeremy also co-founded a boys basketball camp where he focused on each boy individually as a person not just an athlete. He co-founded a non-profit organization with his brother that was one of the first of its kind.  The mission was to positively support and creatively inspire the youth and their families through workshops, performances and personal consultations. It was a huge success.


Jeremy has worked with many professional athletes. Recently, Arno worked with Jon Delarosa, a competitor in the Mr. Olympia contest. Others include Olympian Alana Nichols who was paralyzed in snowboarding and later became a wheelchair gold medalist in basketball, top figure skater Andrei Rogozine, as well as many UFC fighters, golfers, football athletes, and basketball athletes. Last year, Arno had the opportunity to work with Tyler Campbell, a baseball player for Vanderbilt. Tyler had been sitting the bench for the past three years, but with Jeremy’s help, he went on to help the team with the national championship last year.