"He went into great detail about a very complex topic and explained it very well."

- Hannah Jenkins

"The presentation was interesting and captured my attention.  I learned how sports challenges the status quo."

- Myles Baldwin

Playing in Earnest: A Moral Vision and Political Praxis for Sport in an Uncertain Age

Scott Jedlicka, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Sport Management
Washington State University

About Scott:

Scott R. Jedlicka (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2014) is an assistant professor of sport management at Washington State University. His primary research focus is sport governance and policy, which involves examining the structure and political behavior of sport organizations, and the ways in which they formulate and pursue objectives under conditions of scarcity and political conflict.


Additionally, Dr. Jedlicka explores the ways in which other types of political actors (such as governments) conceptualize sport and interact with sport governance systems. The goal of this research is to develop more rigorous theoretical explanations of sport institutions and their relationship to policy and politics. His work has been published in the International Journal of the History of Sport and the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. Dr. Jedlicka also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in sport ethics.

Three Keys to Ethical Leadership

  1. Act on principle. Don't mistake rule-following for ethical behavior.

  2. Prioritize people over institutions. Doing the opposite usually ends badly.

  3. Be courageous. Knowing what's right is a lot easier than doing what's right.

"Being an ethical leader means making the conscious choice to serve a set of interests beyond your own or your employer's."

- Scott Jedlicka