“I thought there was a lot of useful little tips throughout the presentation.Tips like doing physical activity every 12-15 minutes during learning, or that you are going to have bad days.Knowing both of these little tips will help quite a bit when I’m finally teaching!”

- Kea Paton,

“This was very interesting for me and allowed me to gain strategies that will help me to be a more effective teacher.” 

- Eric Coffelt

It's Your Time!

Gayle See

Executive Director

SHAPE America Northwest District

About Gayle:

Gayle received her B.S. degree in Physical Education and minor in Health from Washington State University.  Her Master’s in Educational Technology followed.

During her first teaching assignment she taught, physical education, English, U.S. history, photography, World history, was the school newspaper and yearbook advisor and coached 4 sports at the high school.

Following this assignment, she was hired by the Walla Walla School District and taught at 3 levels, finishing her final 20 years at the high school teaching physical education and adapted physical education. She certified as a National Board physical education teacher.  Following her certification, she became a N.B. facilitator. Facilitation involved working with teachers from all levels and content areas.


Gayle served on the WAHPERD (now Society of Health & Physical Educators SHAPE) board in a variety of positions and is currently the Executive Director for SHAPE Washington. Gayle is involved with the Northwest District SHAPE America as the Executive Director. In addition, on October 1 of this year she took over as the Southwest District Executive Director.


Currently Gayle is working for the Seattle Public Schools as the Physical Education Instructional Coach. Prior to this Gayle was the PEP grant coordinator for Seattle Public Schools. This was a 3 year grant for physical education in which she worked with 160 physical education teachers in 90 schools in Seattle. As coordinator she managed the data completion, securing equipment and supplies needed to complete a successful grant. In her new role she oversees the professional development trainings for the Seattle Public Schools physical education teachers.