“Dwight Curtis showed a strong passion for his field and showed many different examples of how important play is.  He showed great emphasis on how play shapes and forms parts of leadership.  It showed me things that I usually don’t think about with play and its relationship with leadership.”

David Thurmond

Sport Administration


“I like his humility and honesty.  Honesty is where we need to work and grow and study to be successful.  Humility in that he mentioned his 30+ years of experience, but still puts you on an equal pedestal with him so that we don’t feel overwhelmed by his position or the experience.”

Avery Hurst

Sport Administration



Parks and Recreation:
The “Big Bang Theory” to Leadership Success

Dwight Curtis, Ph.D.

Parks and Recreation Director

City of Moscow, Moscow, ID

About Dwight:

Dwight has served the City of Moscow as Director of Parks and Recreation since 2003.  During his tenure the City of Moscow has constructed the Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center, developed various extensions of the Paradise Pathway System, acquired several new park properties, collaborated on a joint construction effort with the Moscow School District for a 5-field ball field complex to be completed fall 2014, and installed 12 new playgrounds. 


Prior to becoming the Parks and Recreation Director in Moscow, Dwight was the Parks Project Manager in Kansas City, served as the Borough (County) Parks Director, Ketchikan, AK, and as a Project Manager for Boeing.  A veteran, with 6 years of active duty, Dwight served 20 years in the United States Military.


Dr. Curtis has a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration, a master’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management, and a Ph.D. in Education with a research focus on national playground injury reduction.

Three Keys to Leadership in Parks and Recreation

  1. History tells us that through play, children develop their initial leadership strengths.

  2. All great leaders participated in recreational activities as children

  3. The Play/Leadership connection begins in childhood; the need to play continues through the lifelong journey.

"A child’s play is the incubator of leadership success."

- Dwight Curtis