“I learned so much about drone surveillance; I had no ideas that kind of technology even existed.   Her knowledge on the legal aspects of the rehabilitation act made her presentation very factual and interesting.”

Kelli Rice

Sport Administration



“Cathy Claussen’s presentation was educational and interesting, pointing out factors that we are going to have to address as the future workforce in sport.”

Stephanie Quackenbush

Sport Administration


Bones and Drones: Inclusion and Invasion

Cathryn Claussen, J.D.

Professor Emeritus

Washington State University

About Dr. Claussen:

Cathryn Claussen is an authority in the field of sport law, with particular expertise in the areas of constitutional and civil rights in the context of sport. Her research focuses on discrimination and First Amendment issues in sport. She has authored several articles and book chapters on these subjects. Recent publications appear in the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, the International Journal of Sport Management, the International Sports Law Journal, and the International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship.  Additionally, Dr. Claussen co-authored a leading sport law textbook titled Sport Law: A Managerial Approach.


Dr. Claussen teaches undergraduate and graduate Sport Law courses, and serves as the Program Coordinator and the Internship Coordinator for the Sport Management Program. She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, and has served as President of the Sport & Recreation Law Association. Claussen brings a variety of practical experiences in the sport industry to her teaching. She has played tennis professionally, and was an assistant tennis coach at the college level. Additionally, she has worked in sporting goods retail sales, has taught and supervised activities in recreational programs, and has coordinated and conducted several sports events, including fundraising events such as golf tournaments and 5K/10K races. She also consults on topics related to gender equity in athletics.


Claussen received her J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center, a M.A. in Physical Education from the University of Iowa, and a B.S. in Physical Education from Cal Poly Pomona.  In 2011 she served as a faculty representative to the Washington Legislature and was named the Washington State University Woman of the Year.

 -Bio and photo courtesy of the College of Education (WSU)