I really enjoyed this presentation because it taught me some of the more detailed part of nutrition.As an athlete I learned better ways to eat and balance out my body mass to equalize my performance.I enjoyed this presentation mostly because it told me that practicing good nutrition should be just as important as practicing athletic skills.”

- Robert Smith Jr.

I really enjoyed listening to her.  She was very friendly and interacted with the crowd.  She knew her information on the topic and you could tell she had a passion about it.  I’m glad I attended this presentation.”

- Jenny Scrimsher

Sports Nutrition:
Optimal Performance, Body Composition, or Both

Ann Brown, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Exercise Science and Health

University of Idaho

About Dr. Brown:

Dr. Brown has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the Florida State University with a research focus in sports nutrition. Additionally, while completing her doctorate she completed her didactic program in dietetics and became a certified sports nutritionist (CISSN).


Prior to moving to Florida she studied Biology at Seattle University all while being a member of a pre-professional dance company. She has a unique background in dance, which has allowed her to combine her education and interests into a developing area of research, dance science. While completing her doctoral work she collaborated on and led nutrition interventions in both clinical bariatric and athletic populations. She has presented her research at the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science Conference in Pittsburgh on the link between collegiate dancer nutrition, body composition and performance as well as other various regional and national conferences.


Brown is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and International Society for Sports Nutrition. Her research plan is to continue to help optimize athletic performance, alter metabolism and body composition, and improve overall health and wellness through exercise and nutrition.