“I enjoyed the presentation because it was interesting to see the viewpoint of ‘being a fan’ who is being hired by professional sport.  There were tons of ideas for what needs to be taken into perspective when hiring a fan for an employee in an organization.”

- Maya Williamson

The Changing Landscape in College Athletics:

A Glimpse of NCAA Compliance

Jordan Bass, Ph.D.

Associate Chair/Sport Management Program Director

Assistant Professor

University of Kansas

About Dr. Bass:

Jordan R. Bass, Ph.D. is the Associate Department Chair, Sport Management Program Director, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences. Dr. Bass is in his fourth year at the University of Kansas. He has published in journals such as Sport Management Review, Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, the International Journal of Sport Management, the International Sport Coaching Journal, Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, Cultural Studies-Critical Methodologies, and the Journal of Applied Sport Management.


His current research agenda focuses on the organizational behavior of athletic programs, athletics place in a higher education setting, and social issues in intercollegiate athletics. Dr. Bass also serves as the founder and Co-Editor of the Journal of Amateur Sport and a Research Fellow in the Partnership for the Advancement of Sport Management at Wichita State University.


-Bio and Photo courtesy of HSES Department at KU

Three Keys to Consider When Pursuing a Career in Sport

  1. Working in sports is unique and employees should be treated different than other industries.

  2. Employees of sport organizations may be using their job to continue feeding their competitive juices,

  3. Turnover is especially troublesome for sport organizations and understanding their identification can help fight this trend.

"Follow the Theo Epstein 20 percent rule - wherever you get your foot in the door, find out what your boss hates to do and take care of it for them. Become invaluable"

- Jordan Bass